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If you’d like to come on a foraging walk, there’s usually something going on if you look at the Events Page. If not, I’m happy to take out groups as small as one person or as large as 20-25.  The more people that come along, the cheaper the cost per individual.

These walks are not at all strenuous; we’re not on a route march. Foraging is all about looking for detail, a concentrations on the plants – and, indeed, animals and insects – that we’d stride past under different circumstances.

I can adapt walks to suit all ages and abilities, and have also found that a wheelchair can be a distinct advantage; you’re at the perfect height to see more than the rest, and at the right level for picking!

Also, foraging doesn’t have to stop in the winter months. You’d be surprised at how versatile our plant life is, so unless there’s snow on the ground or it’s simply too cold, there’s always a chance to forage!

If you’d like me to come and do a talk to your group, again, I can adapt to all sizes of audience and all age ranges. I try to keep my costs at a level £40 per hour, plus travel if I’m asked to go further than a 20 mile round trip. If you ask me to work for free and I refuse, please don’t be offended. I undertake a number of charity events every year (of my own choosing).

Incidentally, I also do food demos and can talk till the cows come home about sweets, too!

Contact me for further details.



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    Ray Clarke

    March 28, 2014

    I have always admired the likes of Ray Mears who feel very comfortable in the great outdoors knowing exactly what it is they are looking at and what uses it has. Adele’s walk brought us a little closer to that goal: informative, entertaining an pleasant. We also bought a copy of Adele’s book which really helps reinforce what you have seen.
    Next time we are in that part of Wales again, we shall meet up again. Many thanks.

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      March 28, 2014

      Thanks! Was fab to meet you both! X

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      June 4, 2014

      Thanks Ray! I only just realised there were comments here otherwise I’d have replied sooner. Yes, do keep in touch!

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    marian howells

    September 27, 2014

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and I’ll be using and sharing it on asap – before I forget it! Mind you winning your book today was a real bonus. Am leaving my email addy for the resipe for the sumac lemonade and will be keepingan eye out for both your next book and future forageing forays.

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