The Hedgerow Handbook


Published in 2012, this beautiful little book is officially what the publishers call a ‘Best Seller’. Beautifully illustrated by Lizzie Harper, who lives in Hay on Wye, the book came about sort of by default.

When I moved to Wales, I had to learn to cook (that’s a whole other story). Loved the cooking bit but hated the going-to-supermarkets bit. So I started poking around in the undergrowth. I’d always like grubbing about in the woods as a kid, discovering things, making dens, rescuing hedgehogs that didn’t need it.

I started inventing and collecting recipes, and some years later my notes came in handy when discovered that I’d become a writer. It had struck me that lots of things that I used to take for granted seemed to have gone away, or, at least, skipped a generation; cooking, making things, fixing things…and knowing about ‘wild’ foods.

It concerned me that people seemed to have lost that kind of knowledge, and all the books I could find about the subject seemed to be too complicated. So I thought I’d write about the most common plants, the ones SO normal and everyday that we almost don’t see them at all.

These, after all, would have been the ones that were used most often.

And so I wrote ‘The Hedgerow Handbook’.

Here are some links to various flattering things people have said about it including the Guardian, the Telegraph and even the New York Times!

Anyway there’s lots more if you’ve a mind to search.

You can purchase this book by visiting my shop.


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