The Element Encyclopedia of Native Americans


This book was published in January 2013.

It was incredibly difficult to write, because the subject matter is emotionally fraught and therefore painful to read about.

I’m interested in how certain people, outside of the remit of the ‘developed’ world, live, or, in some cases, used to live.

One idea leads to another, and finding out about the wild Camas plains of the Native Americans, and how entire tribes would decamp to the maple woods to tap the syrup, developed into a fully-fledged book about other aspects of the Native Americans, their lives and their histories, and their innate connection with the land.

It’s a fascinating subject, and with this book I wanted to offer a taster for the many different facets of these people, hopefully to inspire deeper investigation. It’s out via Harper Collins.


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    Simon Ooi

    March 24, 2017

    Thank you for sharing a wealth of knowledge on Native Americans. I know what you mean by “the subject matter is emotionally fraught and therefore painful to read about”. The first book on Native Americans that I read was a historical novel based on the life of Tecumseh. Although I loved the book and still do, I’ve had a difficult time rereading it because the story is heart-rending.

    I’d like to know how long it took you to gather the information for your book and what were your sources/resources.


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      April 11, 2017

      It took a while! It’s a subject which I felt needed a relatively simple book to explain, hence the approach. We should be forget that much of what happened is within living memory. Thanks for getting in touch!

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