Freaky Dreams


Now THIS was huge fun to write! One thing always leads to another, and a little while after Symbols book was published it seemed that it might be interesting to write another book about symbols but this time based around dream interpretations, in a light but informative way.
The thing is, there’s no such thing as a normal dream; they’re ALL weird, disturbing, scary, or just plain bonkers, and I had great fun when I elicited dreams from a wide section of different people all over the world. I also carried out a (not very clinical) trial to find out whether or not cheese affects dreams, and was given about 3 kilos of award-winning truckles from the fabulous Blaenavon Cheddar Company, based in the gorgeous Welsh valleys. (By the way, cheese DOES affect dreams, but not for the reasons you might think!)

One of the best results gained from this book is that I have a regular slot on WGN Radio Chicago, a middle-of the night slot which is always inundated with calls and texts from sleepless Americans. This is a very funny show and I absolutely love doing it.
Oh and by the way the book is out via Harpers in the UK and some parts of the USA and via Skyhorse in other parts of the USA.
It’s also the first of my books to have been translated; you can also read it in Portuguese if that’s your bag.

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