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New edition of The Signs and Symbols Sourcebook

Here’s the good news! Published in Jan 2016, this new edition of The Signs and Symbols Sourcebook has all the content of the original and also features an illustration for most of the entries. It will retail at £30 sterling and will have worldwide availability. The bad news is that the smaller, brown, heavily-abridged paperback edition (which was retailing on this site for £9.99) is now officially out of print. So please do not place any orders for this edition via this site. Thank You!

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Hay Festival

Image via The Telegraph
Image via The Telegraph


Now then, I know 10 am might sound early but think of me…I’ll have been up all night panicking so I’ll need to see friendly faces. Please come and give me and Lizzie a warm welcome! She’ll be drawing, live, and you’ll see the drawing come to life on a gigantic screen. I’ll be telling you all about how to eat your garden before the slugs can get to it.

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The Garden Forager

It’s 26th March which means it’s publication date for this beautiful book!

Illustrated by the divine Lizzie Harper, you can order from me directly or

from your local independent bookshop.  There are lots of events coming up

all around the country, so do subscribe to my site for regular updates.

See you soon!

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The Hedgerow Handbook goes ooo lala!


Really chuffed about this. I love Larousse! The title here has been adapted and translates, charmingly, as ‘Wild Plants at the Corner of your Street’.

Looking forward to seeing the actual books and also having a good sniff to check to see if French books smell different to UK ones.

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After last week’s debacle, when. I tried for the first tome ever to catch a bus in rural Wales and the bloomin’ thing zoomed straight past me EVEN THOUGH I was hopping up and down and waving my arms….I’m going to try again tomorrow! If The bus stops this time, I’ll be documenting the entire journey from a sleepy little village called Llanfrynach to the comparative metropolis that is Crickhowell!

(Now you have to use your imagination to put a picture of a big red bus HERE)

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Posh Foraging all over the UK


I have been VERY slack at posting info here (slaps wrist) but all that is about to change. There’s so much going on this year that I’m going to make a concerted effort to post here regularly so that anyone who is interested can see what I’m up to and maybe even come along to a forage somewhere!


The first bit of exciting news is The Hedgerow Handbook is released, in France, in French, on June 4th. The publisher is Larousse, which makes the whole thing even more of a thrill for me, because I still treasure a heavy yellow and black volume, The Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology, which I loved and a kid and which is still a favourite.

More news tomorrow. Until then…au revoir!

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The Cultivated Forager….something to think about for when it stops snowing!

What is ‘Cultivated Foraging’? Well, generally we think of foraging as searching for edible wild plants, fungi, etc.
However, what many people don’t know is that many of the plants we grow in our gardens also have hidden qualities; many of them are edible, often deliciously so! Think of roses, firethorn, himalayan honeysuckle, fuchsias….there are lots and lots.

I’m currently completing a book on the subject, illustrated once more by the lovely Lizzie Harper who also provided the delectable pictures for The Hedgerow Handbook.

If you’d like me to take you on a tour of your own garden to investigate which plants might be full of hidden surprises, I charge £30 per hour plus travelling expenses. It’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon! I also take tours in gardens that are open to the public but this needs a little more planning.

You can contact me via the email address.


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There are quite a few reviews of The Secret Language of Birds tarot and I keep meaning to post them here…then something else more pressing happens.
Released towards the end of 2011, this is a lesson in what can happen if you’re determined. It took from 2004 to 2011 for this project to go from the germ of an idea to the lavishly-produced end product. And this Tarot really is particularly beautiful and particularly complex.

Readers, you might raise eyebrows if I tell you that I am fascinated by the Tarot and its psychological aspects, but dubious about its reputation as a fortune telling device. We make the future with every passing second by applying our own perspective to everything that’s happening. Our lives aren’t linear. You realise this with each passing year.