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Hay Festival

Image via The Telegraph
Image via The Telegraph


Now then, I know 10 am might sound early but think of me…I’ll have been up all night panicking so I’ll need to see friendly faces. Please come and give me and Lizzie a warm welcome! She’ll be drawing, live, and you’ll see the drawing come to life on a gigantic screen. I’ll be telling you all about how to eat your garden before the slugs can get to it.

Blog, Events, hay festival

Hay Winter Festival

Ever tried a sherbet lemon cocktail? Or a bonfire toffee one? If you’re at my talk about Great British Sweets this Sunday, part of the Hay Winter Weekend, at the Swan Hotel Ballroom, I’ll be  sloshing shaking and stirring and you’ll be sampling and giggling. The Ballroom is a suitable lavish and rococo setting for such a grown up event.  you might need to cut and paste this link since I still haven’t worked out how to do it properly.